Favorable Business Climates


Houston-based company strikes gold with business model

Strike, LLC, was founded in 2003 with the goal of offering major companies a one-stop shop for pipeline construction projects, integrity testing, and maintenance. Watch how Strike develops a powerhouse of skilled labor that tackles projects ranging from small meter stations to large diameter pipelines spread throughout the Gulf Coast and other major regions in the United States.


Get the backstory behind America’s favorite baseball bat company

Unlike established stalwarts like Louisville Slugger and Rawlings, Marruci Sports has never paid major league players a dime to endorse them. Instead, they simply set out to make the best bat in the market. As it turns out, the players would follow. Watch how this middle market company based in Baton Rouge became one of America’s iconic brands.


Cutting out the middleman gives guys what they want, without annoying stores or senseless mark-ups

Hate shopping? Love perfectly tailored suits? Imagine an on-call stylist that takes your measurements and delivers a bespoke suit right to your office. That’s the vision of two former Wall Streeters, which based on its rapid growth, seems to be catching on. J. Hilburn cuts out the middleman, brings the stylist to you, and co-founders Hil Davis and Veeral Rathod may just be onto something.


This hotel management company doesn’t believe in the carbon copy approach

Burt Cabanas, a Cuban immigrant exiled to the United States in 1957, founded Benchmark Hospitality more than thirty years ago. From Hawaii’s famed Turtle Bay Resort to Napa Valley’s Bardessono, Benchmark Hospitality now has 39 properties under management. And that number is growing rapidly under Alex Cabanas, who now serves as the President and CEO. Watch how this father and son tandem continue to lead by example in this video about the Houston based company.


Which States Are Thriving in Innovation in the New Economy?

Why is it that, despite massive monetary and fiscal stimulus, U.S. employment seems locked in a persistent malaise? One diagnosis that has gone largely unnoticed holds that the underlying problem is the decline in the competitiveness of the U.S. economy as it has been unable to properly adapt to today’s globalized “New Economy.”


Playing the Incentives Game

Two questions dominate the debate over tax breaks and other financial incentives that states and localities offer companies to attract new operations or retain existing ones: On balance, is this practice good for the citizens? And do companies really care if they get these goodies or not?