Packing with Pride, One Crouton at a Time

GSC Packaging has a simple philosophy: Treat your customers like family. The company, which packages dry foods like drink mixes, dietary supplements, and croutons, guarantees the highest possible level of quality in all its products—which is why it’s grown from 30 to 300 employees in just five years. Learn how this middle market business has zoomed past the competition without losing its focus on excellence.


Featherlight and bendable, Nanolumens discovers how to make giant digital displays more efficient than a hairdryer.

Flat screens are so 20th century. At NanoLumens, CEO Rick Cope and his wife, Karen Robinson, have developed low-energy, flexible screens that can be wrapped around any surface while displaying high-definition images. Watch how rapid advancements in technology will soon be bringing screens of all shapes and sizes to banks, grocery stores, restaurants, and other places near you.


Making a Business Out of Kid Rock Cruises

Everyone needs a vacation, whether you’re a famous musician or just a typical music lover. That gave Andy Levine of Sixthman an idea: Why not get music fans on a cruise with their favorite bands? The plan was a success, and today, thousands of rowdy fans have had the chance to rock out with raucous bands on the open seas.