St. Louis

St. Louis Start-Ups Become Mid Market Companies

You can be forgiven if you were unaware that one of the hottest and fastest-growing tech centers in America is nowhere near Silicon Valley—and far from New York’s Silicon Alley, for that matter. It’s a city known more for its rabid baseball fans and as the birthplace of what might be the most ubiquitous beer in America.


Why St. Louis’ tech sector is booming

About five years ago, St. Louis set out to attract companies with its inexpensive utilities and excellent IT infrastructure, particularly its fiber network. That bet seems to be paying off: In March, Fortune magazine listed St. Louis as one of the fastest-growing metro areas for IT employment, with a 25 percent growth in IT jobs over the last year. Salaries in this sector are up 13 percent.


The Biggest Little Guy In Beer

Yes, in the grand scheme of beer—where titans like Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors control the vast majority of U.S. sales—Schlafly Beer is still a little guy that’s dwarfed by the big players. But its 50,000 barrels per year rank it among the country’s top 40 craft brewers, an expanding segment of the industry that includes thousands of smaller independent or traditional beer makers.